Friday, October 17, 2008


Some bicyclists give the rest of us a bad name...

I was peddling home the other day when I stopped at a light heading south. I saw at least 3 cars in in the northbound left turn lane in front of me as the light turned green. As I started peddling, going straight across the intersection, the lead car patiently sat there waiting for me to clear the intersection. As I started moving, I also noticed a lady on her bike coming off a bike path on the southeast corner cut across in front of the cars in the turn lane - against a red light (by the time she passed in front of the car, the light had been red in her direction for probably 5 seconds or more!) Had the lead car not been waiting for me, the bicyclist would have plowed right into the right front side of that car as the driver would have pulled out into the intersection. Naturally, the driver in the car honked at the stupid cyclist at which point the cyclist had the gall to turn and give the driver the finger! It was the stupid cyclist that deserved the finger! As I continued to cross the intersection I tried to make eye contact with the driver, shrugging my shoulders to try and indicate my thoughts on the stupid cyclist..... Drivers or bicyclists - there's way too many bad examples of each. Luckily, most of them are courteous and careful.

Now, if we can get the idiots who toss glass bottles out of their cars off the streets....


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