Saturday, June 30, 2007


Live Free (of physics) or Die Hard

We went to see the new Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis last night - "Live Free or Die Hard" and while it was an enjoyable movie, the scientist in me was cringing at abuot every action scene because of the Cartoon Physics that this movie employed liberally.

The left and right halves of my brain were battling each other - one half was enjoying the action and adventure. The other half was saying "No! That can't work! He'd be killed!" The first half would reply "But it's Bruce Willis - give me more! Explosions, gunfire, crashes, helicopters!"

I won't put any spoilers in here - assuming you know it's a Die Hard film and that there are always explosions, gunfire, crashes, etc. in a Die Hard film....

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Interestingly enough, my son a physics major did the PREVIS for this movie, and what the director wants, he gets. For instance, he did make a parabola of the jump from the moving truck to bus and showed it realistically, whereupon the director said, "give me more!" So it's still in the arc, just more like a 30 foot jump etc. Some of the other stories how scenes were created are pretty interesting if you'd like to hear more:link back to me, and I'll have him contact you. Previs company
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