Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center"

I've been turned off of Olver Stone movies. Mostly because Mr. Stone has created fictional stories around controversial real life subjects in the past, in particular JFK where he ran roughshod over the facts of the case and has convinced a generation or two that there was some huge conspiracy/coverup in the Kennedy assassination when the facts strongly suggest otherwise. So when I heard about his new movie about 9/11, "World Trade Center", my first instinct was to simply ignore it. But it seems to have some favorable reviews so far and doesn't seem to take the anti-establishment approach that some of Stone's other films (like "Nixon" or "Platoon") have taken which I find rather distasteful. So I guess I'll have to go see it when it opens, especially when it seems to remain focused on the experiences of a few the heroes that deserve some attention from that awful day.

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