Monday, November 21, 2005


Inconsiderate drivers....

We were on the freeway yesterday and traffic was moving at parking lot speeds thanks to a terrible accident up ahead (of course, we didn't know it at the time). The 10mph speeds seemed like pennance for our normal speed of 63 in the 55 speed zone. Both lanes were moving slowly and up ahead about a mile was a merge into a single lane while the authorities cleaned up the accident site. So we're creeping along. And of course, the usual drivers who decide to shortcut the line by driving past you on the shoulder start up - who do these morons think they are?! Apparently, their time is more important than our time. These idiots really steam me. A number of us drivers in the right lane drifted halfway onto the shoulder to block those morons. It worked, mostly. I really hate these dolts, whether it's an accident scene or road construction or whatever. So inconsiderate they are.

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