Friday, September 02, 2005


Jesse Jackson is a racist...

...and an idiot. In an article entitled "Jackson Blasts Bush Over Katrina Aid", we hear Jackson turning the issue of relief to the folks affected by Katrina into a race issue with statements like:
"There's a historical indifference to the pain of poor people and black people."

He also belittles the relief efforts with no apparent clue about what is involved in them. I don't know what he expects, but mobilizing resources cannot happen in an instant - he and others who are overly critical of the relief efforts apparently have unrealistic expectations of such efforts. With roads and bridges out and flooded, how are we to get such resources into an area of such devistation? In the first days, we have a choice of concentrating on getting resources into the area or just rescuing the survivors in the area. Would he have also decided to retrieve bodies of blacks instead of rescuing the living? I don't see this as a race issue - it is a disaster recovery issue and I don't care what color your skin is or what language you speak, or for that matter, what country you are from - disaster relief takes time and effort, both of which are being invested heavily, proably about as heavily as can be expected given the conditions in the area. So Mr. Jackson, why don't you just shut up and and start helping the victims instead of trying to politicize this event, placing yourself ahead of the very disaster relief that you criticize the President about. Perhaps Mr. Jackson thinks that "god" is a racist since the hurricane apparently targeted an area with a large population of blacks?

Mr. Jackson also claims that:
'the news media has "criminalized the people of New Orleans" by focusing on violence in the city'

I don't see that the news media has focused on the aftermath of Katrina any differently than it has focused on any other events. Look at Iraq or the Middle East - we only hear about the violence, not about the good there. The news is not going out of its way to treat the people of New Orleans badly and indeed we have heard about good amongst the bad. This is a difficult time and no matter how much we do how quickly, to folks like Mr. Jackson, it will never be enough.

But is easy and faster to bomb some people with darker skin anywhere in the world and use blacks to do the job, no?
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