Thursday, September 30, 2004



Here is a letter I sent to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star in response to a front page article on viewing the beheading videos that you can find on the internet (for example you can find links to them from Michael Savage's website):

In regards to your front page story on viewing the beheading videos in the September 30 Star, I have viewed the beheading videos of Mr. Berg, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Armstrong. I did not view them out of voyeuric curiosity. I considered it a duty to the memory of these men and all the other victims of all the terrorist thugs who are operating in the world today. I would have prefered to not view the horrific scenes at all, but I consider it important for all Americans to know just what we are up against in the War on Terror. Unfortunately, 3 years removed from the terrible events of 9/11/01, too many of our fellow countrymen have forgotten what those 19 terrorists and their cohorts did in killing nearly 3000 innocent humans that day. We need to be reminded of just how little they value life and liberty and how much they hate the freedom that so many of us in the western world have worked so hard to maintain. Do you remember what you felt when you saw the images of those jets plowing into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon? Do you remember the images of victims jumping from the upper floors of the Trade Center? Do you remember the collapse of those towers and the death of so many heroic rescue workers trying in vane to help those trapped high up in the buildings despite the danger to themselves? Do you remember the heroic actions of the passengers of Flight 93 when they stormed the cockpit and foiled the evil plans of the terrorist hijackers on their flight? Do you remember the sacrifice of so many other heroes as they have fought the War on Terror in the faraway lands of Afghanistan and Iraq? We must remember what we are up against and just how ruthless these terrorists are and how important it is to the free world that these terrorists and terrorism itself is exterminated from this world.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Democratic Hypocracy again....

CNN has published an article touting John Kerry's use of humor on the campaign trail. This is pretty ironic, considering Kerry's whining about Bush's comments the other day about Kerry being able to argue with himself for the full 90 minutes of their scheduled debate on Thursday. As I recall, Kerry complained about how the President could possibly be using humor while we have troops fighting in Irag.

This is just another in a long line of Democratic whining about Bush for things (legitimate or not) that they themselves have been doing. A while back, he was complaining about Bush "attacking" his stand on the war on Terror, saying that "We were all together after 9/11...." and then launching into their complaining about what Bush had recently said (legitimately, I might add, questioning Kerry's recent statements about the war on terror....). So who has been attacking everything the Bush Administration has been doing for at least the last 2 years? You got it, a large number of partisan Democrats.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I'd Rather not.

It's nice of Dan Rather to apologize for being caught airing faked documents, but I noticed he didn't retract or apologize for the story itself - he still believes that the spirit of the faked documents are correct. Certainly he wants to believe that they are correct. I wonder what would turn up in John Kerry's military records if he would stop weaseling out on allowing their release? The liberal democrats like to repeat charges over and over until, regardless of the real truth, the public accepts the alegations as the truth. Having Dan Rather reading the CBS evening news as I see it is akin to having Rush Limbaugh reading the national news to a liberal - whether or not the story is true, there will always be doubt about whether the story is true or colored by his liberal bias.


Monday, September 20, 2004


Scum of the Earth....

It's happened again. We see the now all too familiar image of a group of two-bit thugs hiding behind their masks standing behind a helpless innocent. They read their pitiful demands and then pull out a knife and saw the head off of the helpless victim. These images make me mad, as I'm sure they do you. And I know just who to blame. It's not George Bush, but it is these radical Islamic extremists who only want to exterminate freedom. When these bastards are caught, I volunteer my dull pocket knife to use in their execution.


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