Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Democratic Hypocracy again....

CNN has published an article touting John Kerry's use of humor on the campaign trail. This is pretty ironic, considering Kerry's whining about Bush's comments the other day about Kerry being able to argue with himself for the full 90 minutes of their scheduled debate on Thursday. As I recall, Kerry complained about how the President could possibly be using humor while we have troops fighting in Irag.

This is just another in a long line of Democratic whining about Bush for things (legitimate or not) that they themselves have been doing. A while back, he was complaining about Bush "attacking" his stand on the war on Terror, saying that "We were all together after 9/11...." and then launching into their complaining about what Bush had recently said (legitimately, I might add, questioning Kerry's recent statements about the war on terror....). So who has been attacking everything the Bush Administration has been doing for at least the last 2 years? You got it, a large number of partisan Democrats.


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