Tuesday, August 03, 2004



Have you heard John Kerry's latest TV ad? It shows a snipet from the DNC where he says: "...we need strong alliances, we will be able to tell the terrorists, you will lose and we will win. The future doesn't belong to fear, it belongs to freedom."

Can you believe this!?! Does he actually believe this nonsense?!? We'll tell the terrorists that they will lose and we will win. Yeah, right and they'll say "Oh, Ok, well, nevermind, we'll leave you alone." He doesn't have a clue! These terrorists are part of radical groups who hate what we stand for, regardless of whether you are a Democrat or Republican - it is that you don't believe exactly what they believe and that you believe in freedom. That you believe in a different god than they do, or even - gasp! - no god! You allow your women to actually have choices and to vote and to show their faces in public. You allow everyone choices in what they want to do or believe. That is why they hate us and no amount of appeasement will abate their ruthless, terrorist, criminal actions. We must stand up to these two bit thugs and take positive action as our current President has done.

I, for one, am glad that Al Gore was not in office when the terrorists attacked our country almost 3 years ago, and I am convinced that it was the inaction and lack of resolve of our previous president that allowed those terrorists to be so bold and who helped cripple our intelligence communities abilities to gather the evidence they needed to recognize the threat by starving them during his administration. He depleted our military without restocking it while he lobbed a couple of random cruise missles in Bin Laden's general direction and he turned tail and ran at the first sign of resistance in Mogadishu.

Yes, war is terrible, but sometimes it is necessary. This world is much better off without the likes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein in power giving refuge and support to terrorists and carrying out ruthless campaigns against their own people.


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