Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Do we want an admitted war criminal for President?

John Kerry is an admitted war criminal. He freely admits to shooting a Vietnamese in the back and to burning down a Vietnamese village and killing farm animals in the village. He claimed that he saw many of his fellow Vietnam veterans do similar or worse. We now have some eyewitnesses to John Karry the "war hero" who have come forward to report on his questionable actions 30+ years ago and those witnesses provide grave evidence of a clear lack of character on the candidates part. These same witnesses say that they did not participate in such actions and would not dream of it, in fact putting themselves in danger to avoid harming innocent civilians. Instead of running for President, perhaps John Kerry deserves to be brought up on war crime charges. Of the 23 surviving Swift boat veterans who commanded boats during Kerry's tour and have direct experience with him, only 1 supports the candidate for president and 18 are against his candidacy. Of course, these veterans are being smeared for speaking out.


Additionally, they provide documented evidence that two of Kerry's three purple hearts were for self inflicted accidental injuries and none required significant medical attention. Unlike most purple heart awards, apparently Kerry actually submitted his own paper work in order to recieve those medals after his commander refused to do so. Kerry has claimed he spent Christmas in Cambodia (on the Senate floor, no less!), yet there is substantial evidence that that was a lie. If these Swift Boat veterans are not telling the truth, why doesn't Kerry release his Vietnam records instead of sicking his houndogs on these veterans to call them liars? The tool of those who can't defend their claims using real evidence is ad hominem attacks against there opponent and these veterans who have come forth have been the victims of just such attacks.

Based on these claims, John Kerry is not fit to be our Commander-in-Chief.


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