Sunday, July 11, 2004



Why do Psychics have to advertise their conventions?

Why do all the starships in Star Trek fly around in the same plane? Isn't space 3-dimensional?

Why do you have to press the "start" button to stop running Windows?

Why don't any of the dead folks that "psycic" John Edward claims talk to tell him specifically what they want rather than couching their communication in riddles and vague generalities? You know, something like: "This is Fred Smith and I want to talk to my lousy nephew Johnny Smith about how he's been wasting all that money that I left him...." Edward must here things like "Hi! My name is F-something and I want to talk to a relative who's name begins with a J or a T - Thomas, or is that Joe? And to proove who I am, I suffered a heart attack, or some sort of chest trauma or maybe it was a car accident...."

Why do smokers toss their cigarette butts out the car window? Do they really think that the world is their ashtray?

Why didn't God write a bible that was not flooded with contradictions and that was scientifically accurate?


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