Wednesday, July 21, 2004



You know, I used to like Linda Ronstadt. I suppose I still like her music. She has a voice like no other, just beautiful. But like many celebrities, she has decided to spend her energies fighting for political causes. As you can imagine, her politics do not agree with me....

Now don't get me wrong. I don't agree with everything President Bush says or does, particularly in his mixing of religion and government. I do agree with our need to fight terrorism and in our work in Afghanistan and Iraq and support those wars as necessary. I also am enormously glad that Al Gore was not President during the events of 9/11 and I believe that Clinton needs to be held accountable in his responsibility for those terrible events. Had he handled certain incidents differently, with more conviction and had not decimated our military and intelligence agencies, perhaps the terrorists would not have been so bold in their actions or perhaps might have been thwarted before carrying out their crimes.

So here comes the latest celebrity to throw her hat into the ring. Lovely Linda Ronstadt.... She thinks that anything Michael Moore says is solid gold fact, apparently. I suppose most liberals love Moore, mostly because he agrees with their point of view and gives them ammo to throw Bush's way. Apparently, however, the facts don't really matter to them. One needs to look at some of Moore's "facts".

Here are some links to pages detailing Moore's "work":
The Wall Street Journal Opion page, "Unmoored From Reality"
BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE:Documentary or Fiction?
Michael Moore: Style vs. Substance

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