Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have no faith

I have no faith. Simple a that. I've been an atheist for all of my adult life (though I used to be a little soft and called myself an agnostic for a while). So, I have no faith. I am a scientist and I have no place for faith. To me, faith is a weakness. Faith is what folks use when they can't supply enough evidence for their belief. I would rather retain doubts about something than to fall back on faith to support a belief. I do not have faith in gravity. I have rather strong evidence for gravity and have a pretty good idea of how it works (why is another story, but I'm not going to fall back on faith to explain why, I'll just leave that to future science). When we launch a spacecraft to a distant planet, I know that the scientists and engineers who built it used science and technology to do their job and the rocket engines will accelerate the spacecraft to the right speed to follow the trajectory it needs to get to its destination. With science, we can predict to the second the spacecrafts arrival at its destination. We do that with science, not faith.

I don't have faith in the love I have for my wife or in hers for me. I don't need faith. I have evidence. Evidence is much better and much more important than something as trivial as faith. Be careful of the way to say something like that to your sweetie, though. I made the mistake of saying, rather too casually to her: "I don't have any faith in your love." Oops. She didn't hear what I meant, only what I said. And it took me a long time to finally make her understand what I really meant. But I think I did finally get her to understand that my love for her is far more than what only faith could provide.


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