Monday, January 24, 2005



This article tells us about how 'Intelligent Design' is now being taught in Pennsylvania classrooms. Intelligent design is an attempt to put religion into classroom science teaching and has no place there. This is not about separation of church and state, it's about teaching science, not mysticism and superstition. Evolution is a fact like gravity is a fact. Evolution is a description of how life changes over time due to genetic and environmental selection. The only question about it is the details of how and why it works, not of whether or not it works. We have the same kinds of questions about gravity - we can easily observe that it gravity is a fact, yet we're still discussing the hows and whys of gravity. If we are to allow 'Intelligent Design' to be taught in school, we might as well allow the teaching of astrology along side of astronomy. Perhaps we should teach these subjects, but with a proper skeptical treatment we would show just how ludicrous astrology and 'intelligent design' really are in the light of knowledge and science.

Here is a webpage that debunks 'creation science'. 'Intelligent design' is just another disguise for 'creationism' or 'creation science'.


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